What is FOCUS?

The simplest answer:  “We are a family joined in common purpose to develop passionate followers of Jesus Christ for both local and global impact.”
FOCUS Baptist Church of College Point is a new church in the community of College Point located in northeast Queens, New York. We meet every Sunday at 4 pm for Bible classes (for all ages)  at 118-17 14th Ave. in College Point (inside the “little white church” at the corner of 119 St. & 14 Ave.). At 5:00 pm, we hold our combined Sunday worship service.
Queens is the largest borough of the City of New York in land area and the second largest in population. According to the NYC Department of Education’s website, there are students from 190 countries enrolled in public schools in Queens. This means that 73% of the countries in this world are represented in our area. With more than 180 different languages spoken on a daily basis and with 65% of the residence born outside of the United States, Queens is the most diverse city in the world!
We have a desire to reflect our ever changing neighborhood. Our community represents a mixture of cultures. All are welcome to come and be a part of our worship services.


Our Core Values…Our FOCUS:

Family: growing godly families that form the backbone of the church

Outreach: sharing the good news in a meaningful way to all people

Connection: building a bridge from the church into the community

Unity: using every member (100% participation) in the mission

Service: demonstrating the love of Christ through practical means

The ultimate goal of our church is to glorify our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, to make true disciples throughout all the nations by means of missionary activity and support, to minister the ordinances, to edify believers, and to do all that is sovereignly possible and biblically permissible to magnify the name of Jesus.
Within our heart is the strong belief and the burden that we are living in the “last days” and are part of God’s final harvest. The fields are ripe, and we have only our generation to reach the lost. Everything we do must be connected to the mission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is our goal…
  • A fellowship where Jesus Christ is glorified in all that we do, where the body of Christ is unified in purpose, where Biblical truths are upheld and are not simply a position we hold but are our very being, where God’s Word is preached without apology or compromise, where we experience God first-hand as He works in our midst, and where the presence of the Spirit of God empowers us to witness.
  • A fellowship where every member is active in ministry and witnessing, where every member prays for and desires to excel in the gift of evangelism.  Where our spheres of influence know that we care about their souls, and will know when one of our members is present because of the fruit of the Spirit and their witness for Christ. Where living water is truly flowing out of each member to the dry souls around them.
  • A fellowship that sees every person as “reachable”. Where every member will lead someone to Christ every year. Where every day someone is coming to Christ as the result of a member of our ministry.
  • A fellowship that is sensitive to people’s needs, that finds needs and fills them, finds hurts and heals them, recognizing these as open doors of utterance to give people Jesus Christ through one need and hurt at a time.
  • A fellowship that will not stop seeking the lost, knowing that the heart of God is not content as long as one lost soul remains in New York City metro area, where there is currently a population of over 19 million people. We will never be content to reach a certain number or grow to a certain size and stop, as long as one lost soul remains.
  • A fellowship where every church member is involved in the discipleship process at some level.
  • A fellowship where every church service is attended by both the congregation of believers who have prepared themselves for worship and who anticipate meeting with God, and by unbelievers who are drawn by the love of God, where every service sees someone saved from sin and born again to new life, and where water baptisms occur every Sunday.
  • A fellowship that will seek to duplicate itself by planting multiple churches throughout New York City, urban and suburban, to accommodate the harvest God desires to give us.
  • A fellowship where ministries and events are happening every day of the week, at all hours, in every corner of our city.  Ministries that touch every aspect of our city – the athlete, the business man, the student, the manual laborer, the homeless, the outcast, the poor, the sick, the oppressed, those imprisoned (literally & figuratively), the elderly, the feeble and lonely, those in need of a friend, those in need of a Savior.
  • A fellowship where seniors not only feel welcome, but are a crucial element in God’s plan for teaching the next generation, and reaching our community. This includes ministry to shut-ins and special ministries to care specifically for widows in need in obedience to James 1:27 and 1 Timothy 5.
  • A fellowship that is involved in ministry to the fatherless in our community. Where significant impact is made on the need for foster care and adoption from within our own congregation. Recognizing that according to statistics, if every church in America adopted two children, there would not be one child left in the system.
  • A fellowship where children’s ministry is marked by passion and excellence, with the highest quality care and teaching, and with facilities that will draw families to Christ because of the priority we place on their children. Youth ministries that touch our area’s Junior High, Senior High, and College students. Relevant, high impact ministries reaching into high school and college campuses all over New York City. Where the many thousands of college students are exposed to the life-changing gospel and given a place to plug into a community of believers. Where adult believers are exercising their faith by serving in a children’s or youth ministry.
  • A fellowship with a thriving singles ministry, tapping into this unreached segment of our community.
  • A fellowship that represents the ethnic groups in New York City, and is growing more culturally sensitive as our community changes.
  • A fellowship of unified, spirit-filled worshipers using music and other fine arts to worship the Lord, to draw people to Christ, and to exhort believers. Where Jesus is the object of our worship. Where we see people as God does, not looking on the outward man, but on the heart. Where there is an excitement and an expectation that we will meet with God every time we assemble.